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We are totally dependent on contributions from grants and individual donors in the community. TARYF was founded on two guiding principles:  (1) We guarantee that each and every penny donated goes directly to our programs, not to overhead or administration costs; and (2) All staff, including our director, are volunteers and receive zero compensation.  When donors make a charitable contribution to TARYF, they can be confident that their entire donation will go ONLY to one of our two programs — Every 15 Minutes or Trauma Bear. Because we take this responsibility seriously, we have recently developed a separate campaign designed to provide discretionary funding to either of our two programs depending on need, as well as to help us raise funds for operating expenses such as equipment, supplies, and insurance.  Donations to this TARYF General Fund are equally as vital, and will help us continue to do what we do, better.

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Checks can be made payable to: The At Risk Youth Foundation or TARYF.

Your donation can be mailed to 355 Convention Way, Redwood City CA 94063

If you are an Amazon customer, register our organization under Amazon Smile.  0.05 percent of your eligible Amazon Smile purchase will go towards to our organization.