Taking a picture is harder than it seems

Taking a picture is harder than it seems

As we near our annual First Responder Teddy Bear Drive with Build-A-Bear Workshop, the Pacifica Police Department, North County Fire Authority and American Medical Response (AMR) came together to help us promote our event by taking a picture with teddy bears. You would think that taking a picture would be simple, but it was quite the opposite! While waiting for the agencies to arrive at Station 72 in Pacifica, the emergency dispatch center received multiple calls for service. The police officers were late due to a call for someone being a danger to themself. One of the fire units and paramedic units had to leave for a medical call. Luckily one unit of firefighters, two police officers and a paramedic unit with their vintage ambulance became available so we were able to finally take a picture! While in the process of getting ready to start taking pictures, a call for service came out which required everyone of the first responders to leave. I managed to snap the camera quickly, providing us with one picture! I truly appreciate our first responders making it work amongst the chaos.

The teddy bears in the picture were given to AMR paramedics as they had used all of their teddy bears. They unfortunately have a high rate of pediatric patients which causes them to run out of teddy bears rather quickly.

It is such a WONDERFUL feeling knowing that these teddy bears will go to a child in distress and provide comfort and reassurance in the wake of an uncertain and frightening situation.